Welcome to AIP Outfitters on Sanibel!


Woohoo! We finally did it! We made a website where we can feature some of our best products from our Sanibel store. We are feverishly working away at our computers (picture us at our desks on a beach with a margarita. That is exactly what it looks like) to put together a pretty sweet offering of island goods so that when you plug into the internet and think "hey, I miss Sanibel. What by golly would cheer me up?..." Well Sanibel goods of course! And here you go 😉

On a more serious note, I'm pretty good with faces and I may forget a name or two, but I just wanted to thank everyone who has supported our fun little local business throughout the years. We appreciated each and every one of you! Thank you.

Rainbows! Kittens! Beaches! Margaritas! That's how I am feeling now.

Most Sincerely Yours,
Josh and the Fam.